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Obsession is Key

Get ready to dive in deep with Dodie (doddleoddle), a 24 year old UK singer-songwriter, author, and YouTuber known for her emotionally complex lyrics. Her latest EP, Human, has amassed over 28.2 M streams on Spotify.

Authors Sunny Bonnell (sunnybonnell) and Ashleigh Hansberger (ashleigh_hansberger) interview Dodie on Rare Breed to talk about the virtue “Obsessed”, one of seven unconventional traits explored in their new book Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different.


In this intimate, powerful interview, Dodie explains her struggles, pain, and obsessive tendencies, and how she’s learned to give it all meaning. She’s given obsession a higher purpose in order to create work that is absolutely brilliant and gut-wrenchingly honest.

Dodie uses her platform to spread positivity and inclusivity while tackling issues relating to sexuality, mental health (anxiety, depression, depersonalization, etc), relationships, and life.

You’ll learn how Dodie learned to:
✔️ Leverage obsession as a vice and turn it into a virtue
✔️ Create a community where people connect and share feelings
✔️ Navigate fast stardom
✔️ Work through mental health to find purpose and clarity
✔️ Why her obsession has a dark side

Maybe you too know what it’s like to have some demon-like obsession take hold of you. Maybe you too feel wired differently than everyone else, and wonder how not to be ashamed of that.

Whatever rises up in you when you hear the word “obsessed”, you owe it to yourself to watch this exclusive interview. After all, like Dodie’s tattoo says, “A bit of madness is key.”

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