A full-day immersion designed to harness the power of 7 unconventional traits to help your brand stand out and claim your marketplace position.


Unlock Your
Competitive Edge

Let’s face it, most businesses are commodities. The question is, “How do you stand out?” Part masterclass, part workshop, authors of Rare Breed and acclaimed brand experts, Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger will teach you how to use 7 unconventional traits they’ve identified that will make your business the “Rare Breed” in its category.


Rare Breed leaders and organizations hurl themselves against the walls of business as usual. They are rule-breakers. We'll discuss what you're rebelling against and show you how to fold rebel moves into your strategies.


Rare Breeds are visionaries; they see realities others can't and have the nerve to bring them into being. We'll uncover your big, audacious idea and craft it into a simple statement for your team and customers to rally behind.


Perfectionism isn't a bug for Rare Breeds—it's their operating system. We'll point out areas where your business can deliver quality, push you towards recognizing greatness (and showing it) and guide you on how to make obsession with the details your competitive difference.


Rare Breeds come to the table with a white-hot intensity that puts other to shame. We'll lead your team through exercises that go beyond "What's our passion?" and give you fiery tactics that light up your culture and inspire them to deliver results.


Rare Breeds embrace their unique personality and make it a centerpiece. We'll uncover (6) key points of difference for your brand's personality. Then, we'll then give you brilliant ideas and action items on how to use that personality to stand out in a sea of sameness.


Rare Breeds are spellbinding orators and great at inspiring an audience to fall in love with them. We'll work with your team to whip up unique ideas and magical strategies that will help you and your team learn to cast a spell with your brand and mesmerize your audience.


Showing emotion in business is an asset, not a weakness. Heart-centric leaders and organizations dissolve barriers and compel people to act. We'll lead your team on how to emotionally charge your audience and get them to care about what you're doing and why. We'll share why what you say and how you say it matter and show you how to deploy that thinking into your brand.

The Framework

The Rare Breed Workshop is inspired by the book that begs, “How far could you go when you punch the status-quo in the nose and make your differences your selling points?” 

In Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different, Bonnell and Hansberger identified 7 unconventional traits to unlocking your competitive edge. The workshop is designed to help companies of all shapes and sizes unlock the power of who they are to stand out and succeed.

Now, organizations everywhere are asking the dynamic duo to help them tap in to their unique DNA and stand out in a way that is anything but business as usual.

“This workshop blew us away.”

Annie Wang, VP of Marketing, Artnet

What’s Included?

Get ready for a fully interactive, one-day workshop led by Motto’s founders and top thinkers. First, we’ll embark on a pre-planning session and do a deep review of the business. Your day is filled with fiery discussion, thought-provoking exercises, and audacious ideas to position your brand using the 7 virtues. The deliverable is a value-packed report with eye-opening insights and actionable recommendations you can start using immediately. 

  Pre-Workshop Planning
  Materials Review
  Live Workshop in NYC
  Fun Branding Exercises
  Deliciously Catered Lunch
  Post-Workshop Report
  2 Signed Copies of Rare Breed

Who’s Best Suited?

The Rare Breed Workshop is perfect for B2C, D2C, and B2B companies alike. If you’re struggling with how to make your brand stand out, and ready to rise above the status quo in your industry, this workshop is for you. We prefer small to medium groups where the right number of participants allows for intimate conversation and collaboration.

  Tech Companies
  Consumer Brands
  Small Businesses
  Startups and Disruptors
  Service Businesses

What’s the Investment?

The Rare Breed Workshop isn’t like other workshops. It’s designed to make your company think different, push boundaries and light a fire through your organization. It will elicit your very best and you’ll feel inspired to start and supercharged after you leave.

That’s why we tell you exactly what you’re going to get and what our fee is without playing games. The amount of work we put in is worth what you’ll get out once we help you organization see through a new lens. Travel expenses such as flight and hotel are not included.

  Total Investment: $20k


Inside a Workshop

rare breed
rare breed

“When you’re running a conference, every person on stage is either a boon or burden to your credibility. Sunny and Ashleigh not only got one of the highest speaker rankings of the event, but also resulted in the largest discussion group in attendance.”

rare breed
Glenn Burr CMO, Small Giants

“The Rare Breed workshop focused on a salient theme and was highly engaging. It received the second highest number of people who joined organically and one of our 10 most viewed talks.”

rare breed
Sam Schneidman Community Manager, Fishbowl

“This workshop blew us away. Literally, exceeded our team's expectations by 100x.”

rare breed
Annie Wang VP of Marketing, Artnet

If you’re struggling to articulate your message, points of difference, or you simply want to get your team motivated to think different, this workshop is for you.